This is not just an energy gel….this is a Clif energy gel…

Gels are usually a means-to-an-end. Something necessary for getting the fuel in without having to eat large bowls of carbohydrate-rich food. They’re convenient and straightforward but rarely are they particularly tasty or some kind of ‘treat’.  Sure, they’ve improved immensely in recent years but they’re still a kind of ‘synthetic chemical food substitute’ and have too many and you’ll probably be quite sick.

Hitting the lack of taste issue head on though are Clif with their new gels. I’ve been using Clif products for some time now and I’ve often praised their carb drinks and Shot Bloks for their ease of use, taste and effectiveness. These gels though take things to another level, taste-wise.

2pure sent me some samples so I’ve had the chance to try all the different flavours….

Let’s not beat around the bush here. The ‘Double Expresso’ gel is utterly GORGEOUS. It contains a couple of shots of caffeine (which is a lot) so don’t go caning them at bedtime but the taste… I actually kept a bit of this one in my mouth for a while as I rode back from an early morning ride the other day because it tasted so good.

They remind me of those M&S ‘this is no ordinary caffeine-laced energy gel….’ adverts. (yes, I know M&S have never sold energy gels but if they did….)

Then there’s the chocolate one! Yes! Chocolate! No choco-substitute plastic rubbish either. Organic chocolate that tastes as good as it sounds and delivers a good chunk of carbohydrate and electrolyte fuel at the same time.

The ‘Razz’ raspberry flavour ones taste like jam. I’m going to have raspberry Clif gels on toast in my next 24 hour race. Or perhaps on a crumpet….mmmmmmmmm.

Even the wrapper is clever

Treat yourself. Buy some. You’re more than worth it. Then when you’ve finished one, do what I do and pull apart the wrapper to finish it off.