More fatbike racing..!

After the fun of racing a fatbike at a couple of races earlier this year (the second of which had a brilliant turnout of like-minded attention-seeking fatbikey folk), there didn’t appear to be any more events with a specific category for bikes with a minimum of 4 inch wide tyres.



So I had a word with the organisers of a couple of races – Margham Madness and The Bristol Oktoberfest – and asked if they’d add a category. They said yes!

After a bit of chatter on social media and some word of mouth there should be a decent number of entries.

So…both of these events have now got a fat bike category, both are 8 hour races and THEY’RE GOING TO BE EPIC.

Want more details or have questions? Loads of info here… Fat Bike UK Facebook Group (you’ll need to ‘join’ the group).