10 at Kirroughtree

I thought that 10 hours of laps around a rocky trail centre would be brilliant fun on a long-travel, steel hardtail with downhill tyres. Like I’d said in my previous post, I’d entered the 10@Kirroughtree race several weeks ago when I assumed that I’d be a resident of these parts by now but we’re still in Manchester – what should have been a “race from the front door” job was now a big weekend away.

Luckily our friends Lisa and Ritchie helped us out massively by providing us with a brilliant cottage to stay in for the weekend. Want somewhere nice and quiet to stay in the Scottish Borders? Give them a shout.

The race was fun up to a point. The first couple of laps were pretty good and I wasn’t worrying about getting a puncture. The first couple of hours of the race went something like, 11th place, 6th place, 4th place….but then things went a bit hazy. A combination of heavy bike, over-enthusiasm, a relatively untrained physical state and simply not eating enough sent me right to the edge of a full-on bonk and I slowed right down.

Crashed a couple of times while finding it hard to focus.

Got back to the pit area and consumed sweets and various pastry products.

Had a cup of tea and a sit down while Lisa continued to offer me food (while looking after the food and water needs of Ritchie).

Reminded myself that I was doing this for the laugh.

Glanced at my heavy lump of big-forked madness bike.

Drank more tea.

Decided I would ride more laps.

Rode pretty slowly, but got my head firmly into ‘get my money’s worth’ mode.

No idea where I finished but I was nearer the back than the front. It didn’t matter though.


Thanks again to Lisa and Ritchie for the digs, thanks to Deb and Lisa for feeding me and cheers to everyone who’s supported me this year. It’s been a weird one!

Now then – time to get packing our earthly possessions into boxes….



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