No snow.


The forecast promised snow this morning but the clouds didn’t deliver. Instead it rained, rained and rained some more. I went out for a ride anway and braved the cold and damp morning. I had planned to ride along the old railway lines up to the sailing club, across the road and into Walshaw to climb up Bently Hall Road. Then it was supposed to be up and over Holcombe Moor then back down though Nangreaves and Birtle. Hmm. I soon got fed up of the horizontal rain and the aftermath of last week’s mental winds. Whilst trying to climb over/under/around/through the eleventy millionth fallen tree, I gave it up and decided jam on toast and Countryfile were a much better proposition.


Still managed a decent 2 hour ride though. I came back along the Finest Singletrack In Salford (spoiled by 3 fallen trees) and was glad that I appear to have finally sorted the chainline on the singlespeed, given that it’s now quiet when I pedal.

6 thoughts on “No snow.

  1. Cool. In fact, bloody freezing. Did 2 /12 hours with DtB and took longer than that for me poor feet to thaw!

  2. I was on the Inbred with flat pedals so I had me Shitmano DX ‘skate’ shoes on. Bad move! Might have to put spd’s on it so I can use my winter boots.

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