off road time trial

I arranged to meet up with Phil last night who was riding home from work in the City Centre. He mentioned to me earlier that his missus was feeling unwell (8 months pregnant) and so he wanted to go straight home, as fast as poss.

Big mistake.

I was riding like a nutter and knew damn well that Phil would be redlining to try to stave off the inevitable “dropping”. Anyway, we made it to Rammy in double quick time, I had a look at his new kitchen, drank a cuppa T then rode home again. I was on the geared bike so I was able to take full advantage of my recently aquired “singlespeed power”. I’m feeling good and more importantly I’m feeling motivated.

5 thoughts on “off road time trial

  1. Dude, you like need some big springs on your ride y’know? Forget flat speed….get big air maaannn

  2. Yep, that’ll be useful on the Fred Whitton. Get enough air off Wry Nose and you’ll not have to climb Hard Knott!

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