Big un ooop over t’ills…


I decided this morning to do a big ride on big hills. I followed the bridleway from the house up through Birtle, up the stream and towards Rochdale. Then climbed up Rooley Moor, dropped down into Edenfield then home. I reckon that’s a good 40-50 miles. Felt like it anyway. I realised on reaching the top of the moor that I’d been climbing for a good 3 hours or so…


Lots of ice up there and a young lad on a quad who asked me if I “had a puncture”. No mate, I just thought I’d take my tyre off to give it a clean.

I’ll just be doing some short rides (or sessions on the turbo) this week before we go over the Garburn TWICE on Thursday. Then we all vote for which way was the bestest. That reminds me, I saw Nopies Simon earlier today near Nordern. He rode past me going the other way and didn’t stop despite me shouting and waving my arms about. He probably thought I was a hillbilly mountain biking murderer or something.


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  1. I can see you taking your tyres off to clean them actually. You get the shakes if you don’t have a spanner in your hand.

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