It’s been a few weeks since I had a proper rest, but this coming week is a “proper” rest week. I’m needing it too – the last week I’ve been off work, working on the house, running more and riding more. The ride with Simon the other day and the hill intervals session the day after pretty much finished me off. Still, I went for my customary ride this morning. I wasn’t feeling like going far so I went for an hour’s spin on the singlespeed.

 This weekend I’ve also been catching up on a fettling backlog. Maintaining several bikes is pretty time consuming, especially when you’ve decided to strip and grease 4 rear hubs and 5 headsets on top of bleeding a pair of hydraulic brakes, nipping up 4 pairs of crank bolts (Simon take note), putting anti-puncture strips in a pair of wheels and a few other grease monkey jobs. Anyway, it’s all done now for a few more months. What’s more, I’ve pretty much finished the cyclocross bike! All it needs now is a shorter stem (expected this week) and some bar tape once I’m happy with the bar and STI positions. Looks fast eh?



I’m looking forward to putting in some SERIOUS miles on this one…