A load of us from work entered the Cheshire Triathlon relay some months ago. It was great. My team (Rob, Wendy and me) WON the thing. We rule. Nobody in the relay event was faster than me on the (very painful) 20K bike course, nobody was faster than Rob on the run and Wendy was fourth in the swim. Like I said, we rule.Some of those tri lads don’t like being passed by a bloke wearing MTB shoes on a ‘cross bike either…one of them (riding a Specialized carbon something or other, complete with tri bars and aero seatpost) proper saw the red mist and piled into the trans area right on my rear wheel and then crashed into the kerb, skidding across the tarmac on his clean-shaven sinewy knees. Bless.

For some reason I forgot to mention this sooner, even though our VICTORY happened 2 weeks ago. To be honest, I was more chuffed with getting around the MTL on the singlespeed in less than five and a half hours!Aside from that (and I’m being careful not to come across as a patronising tosser here), one of the best things about this was the number of normally sedentary people at work who worked really hard over the past 12 or so months to get themselves into shape to avoid looking daft on the day. Everybody gave a good account of themselves and loads have since bought bikes and are continuing the training. A few have even entered a full triathlon. Life changing stuff. Not only that, the mouthy gits who were saying that they were going to “destroy Jase” have also crawled back under a rock 😉

Results are on here (somewhere):