Midweek training ride

45 miler, most of it off road. Basically I followed the Sustrans route from the house up to Ramsbottom where I climbed up to Holcombe Moor and continued around the edge of the firing ranges, eventually meeting Simon and John at Cadshaw, near Darwen. We then rode a reasonable loop in the hills over there where my rear mech cable decided to snap (that’s a new one!). So with some faffing about with the upper and lower limit screws I managed to bodge the chain into position about halfway up the cassette, whilst being eaten by the local gang of insects. There was me enjoying my gears too. Anyway, there I was once again riding a singlespeed. Well, I had 3 gears at the front anyway.

The weather was great, thankfully. Even at 11pm it was still warm and not too windy…winding my way back through Bolton and home where a leftover bowl of cottage pie was demolished.