dead good week

Another week of hardish training. My relentless schedule took a bit of a knock early in the week because our boiler packed in, making me more reluctant to start sweating and then have to brave a cold shower. Then I went in the cellar to get a tin of paint or something and broke part of the resistance fan on the turbo trainer with my big fat feet. That made it 10 times noisier in use and it vibrated so much that the whole thing was moving around the room…luckily I was able to get a replacement fan for about 4 quid.

Apart from the couple of setbacks, a good week. I’d taken Thursday off to go and settle a score on the Mary Townley Loop. So off I went, out of the house at 5:30 am and singlespeeded it on my own in 5:25. Given I had to open all 4 million gates on my own, I was quite pleased with that. The ride was very hard and hurt a fair bit, but a ride like this is sooooo much easier when there are no navigation issues. Then I got home and went out for a picnic at Hurst Woods with Deb, Rachael and Syd. THEN I went out for a ride on Holcombe Moor/Redisher Woods with Phil.

This weekend I’ve got some road riding planned – over to Macc via Oldham/Stalybridge/Hayfield then a 3 Peaks walk (Teggs Nose and 2 other hills in’t White Peak) with the Mother in Law (!) and then a ride back again. That should be a good 80 miles I reckon. The walk will be a laugh – I’m taking my “proper” walking boots and Kath’s friends are a posse of “proper” red sock-wearing ramblers. I’ll probably start an argument with them about cheeky mountain biking for a chuckle.

Next week I’m getting more serious and going for a 250+ mile total. We’ll see.