Way down south

After a relatively relaxed start to the week (a run and a ride with Phil), I rode from Rochdale and followed the Pennine Bridleway south. The PBW is great. You can ride it all the way from here to the middle of the Peak District, most of it completely off road. Admittedly, the drawback is that on the way are some of the biggest hills the Pennines have to offer, so don’t bother unless you like a reet good grind uphill.

It goes a bit wrong at Glossop. The bridleway isn’t completely finished around the town, so there’s a temporary route for cyclists which is the most confusing thing I’ve seen all week. So through the town centre I went, rejoining the trail before Hayfield. Then it went wobbly again just north of Buxton as the signage deteriorates a bit so I joined the road and rode towards Macc (through the forest). The ride was just over 70 miles, must be 55 offroad with a whopping 3000 metres of climbing. All in 8 hours. Quite pleased with that. I’m having another go in a couple of weeks too – this one’s definately a new favourite.

Afterwards, Deb and I went for a meal at Panama Hatty’s in Manchester. We’ve been together 10 years this week. Ahhh. I ordered the jerk chicken – the HOTTEST thing I’ve ever eaten. Evil.

4 thoughts on “Way down south

  1. Small report for a BIG ride, mate! I’d have hammed it up far more than that! Congrats on the 10 years.

  2. Congrats to you and Deb pal! You’re getting blase about the big mileage numbers – things are obviously going well.

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