Interval session of the Devil

Day off work today for some extra training. Parked in Torver after dropping Deb off in Manchester this morning and rode straight up the hill towards Walna Scar, via some muddy FC land (which seemed to be much more of a slog after I did this last time, probably because of THE RAIN). From the quarry, I rode up to the summit of the Walna Scar Road, turned around and rode back down again. Repeat 3 more times, then ride down to Coniston via the “scary side” as the weather (and the pain) start to close in. That downhill to Coniston is like armageddon under your wheels. It will be good training for the Megavalanche next year 😉  


You can see some of the main climb in the pic – the rest of it is in that cloud.

All the walkers I saw on the WS Road today thought I was quite mad, as they saw me ride past on the way up, on the way down then on the way up again.

1500 metres of climb in a 17 mile route. Perhaps travelling all the way to the Lakes for a hill training session was a bit extravegant, but it was a change of scenery and the coffee and apple pie in Coniston was a nice treat at the end.