even more weather

This weather is really pissing me off now. We wait in anticipation all winter for the dryness and warmth of summer and the sense of well-being it brings. What do we get instead? Miles and miles of murky cloud above our heads and constant rain for weeks in the HEIGHT OF SUMMER. What makes it worse is that apparently it’s only us that are getting it! Europe is in the middle of a heatwave and we’re dealing with an extended winter/early autumn. I know this isn’t news to most of you lot, so I thought I’d rant about the weather for the benefit of my overseas blog visitors (I know there’s at least one of you).

This morning I got soaked AGAIN on a training ride. Tonight, I’ll get soaked again. Tomorrow I’m up in the Lake District and guess what? I’ll be getting fucking wet, that’s what.

What am I supposed to do? Not train? FFS, I’ve got to go to the Alps in a few weeks – it’ll probably rain there too!

Original Junglist Massive

Forced to ride the turbo trainer last night, I noticed that my sweat over the last few months is rusting a hole in the top tube of the 70’s Raleigh that lives in the cellar (attached to the turbo). Well, I rescued it from a skip so I’m hardly going to worry about it am I? It’s a bit of a sorry end though. Death by stinky sweat. Still, I had a great session last night. I’ve rediscovered my old drum and bass CD’s – I’ve put them on the iPod and for turbo training, Grooverider, Roni Size, Dillinja, etc, are spot on for a bit of monotonous pain in a dark place….