Big fat dog

Syd’s unfit. We used to run together often, but Rachael’s arrival and my more recent regular morning bike rides has meant that the poor lad’s been neglected on the running front. He still runs around every day when Deb takes him to the stables but his weekly “mileage” is well down. We went for a 6 miler last night and by the end of the run I’d overtook HIM. As anyone who owns or has owned a dog knows, this is the wrong way around. Once we’d got home, he didn’t move for a good 4 hours.

So…he’s on a diet and he’s going to get 3 runs a week from now on. He’s also banned from hanging around under the high chair when Rach is “eating” a meal – we reckon he’s picking up a fair amount of extra heft from the titbits he collects off the floor.

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