Race update

The artwork for Hit the North is almost there. Warren’s done some great stuff already so once we’ve got that nailed it’s all on a website somewhere. www.hitthenorth.info with any luck. Once that’s up, folks will be able to enter the race, pay for their entry, book their dinner (really!) and marvel and our collective wit.

There’s a Facebook group and a WordPress thing for it already. Have a look.



You have to be a Facebook person to see the second one.

3 thoughts on “Race update

  1. Warren’s stuff rocks. My header was only to do Andy’s head in this afternoon, but I think I got the similar vibe 🙂

    Needs reszing for a nice freebie wordpress header.

  2. yep. I was thinking that the Manc skyline would be good as the “other website” banner – the thing that’ll hopefully go on STW/On ONe/IFB.
    The logo in the top left will be ideal for tshirts, mugs, tattoo…
    I’m thinking big fook off posters for shop windows. Mike Cookson’s got massive windows.

    I’ll get Wal to tidy some of the text (like the Tescos bit) and seperate the various elements.

    Nice one. Jase.

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