One of the girls at work has been running a shoebox appeal. You get a shoebox and fill it with small gifts and basics for underprivilaged kids. Some of the kids that get these boxes get NOTHING otherwise. I opted to send a box to a 2-4 year old girl. You can get anything that you think they’d like as long as it’s not “war related”, dangerous or liquids. I got a bit carried away and spent a tenner on a jigsaw, a plastic tigger, a soft dalmatian, a little fire engine (I know it’s not very girly but it was cute), a couple of toothbrushes, some fruity toothpaste, some funky soap and a sponge that looks like a duck. All in the box, wrapped in shiny paper, label stuck on and off it goes. A tenner. It’s bugger all really.

There’s some bible messages they send with each box that I’m not too bothered about but if the gifts brighten an otherwise crap day for a little kid somewhere, I can live with it. It was weird though – I felt like I was buying for one of my own.