beirut and back

A shortish ride on the cross bike yesterday, only about 30 miles in total. I got some early 3 Peaks training in by running* up the side of Holcombe Hill whilst shouldering the bike. That hurt.

On the way back I stopped to take a photo of the damaged caused to the derelict nightclub next to the canal in Radcliffe. There had been machine gun fire reported to the police a few weeks ago…sure enough, when the police arrived to investigate, someone had shot the wall with an Uzi or something.

*not really running. Fast walking and grimacing.

13 thoughts on “beirut and back

  1. I remember when we did Sleepless and there were some clowns firing airguns in the trees….but MACHINE GUNS??? That’s progress for yer!!

  2. I remember those goons shooting at Sleepless. I was trying to sleep between laps with a bloody police helicopter hovering above the tent.

  3. It was an Ak47. Some scroat was probably testing it before purchase… Which is nice.

  4. … and by the look of the spread he must have been knocked over by the recoil.

  5. “you’ll never get to heaven with an AK47”

    They don’t write ’em like that any more!

  6. “today I didn’t have to use my AK….today was a good day”

    you’re right Simon, they don’t.

  7. That’s really bad. They’re not wearing ear protectors….or goggles. And Britney’s a really crap shot.

  8. Tammy Jo with the shotgun is my fave – especially the way she hollers “SHOTGUN!”.

  9. I had the sound muted…Linda was in the same room. She wouldn’t have believed why I was watching that stuff.

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