Hit the North preview 2

We had to give some potential new bits of the course a coat of looking at today. There’s a long tarmac bit that’s hopefully now uneccesary as it will be (subject to the nice man from the council saying “aye”) replaced by a longish singletrack climb with some wooden bits (!) and plenty of roots. Andy, me and Warren were joined by a group of riders who had either entered or were thinking of doing so – one guy had travelled down from Penrith, almost a 200 mile round trip, to see the course. I didn’t count, but I reckon there was 12 or 15 riders altogether.

I shot a brief vid of the bombhole being ridden..

Despite the wet weather and the inevitable mud and slipperyness, there was a universal thumbs up for the course that’s got us all optimistic and chuffed. Everyone seemed really enthusiastic in fact.