soaked again

40-odd miles last night on the road. I headed north towards Rawtenstall and then towards Burnley just to ensure plenty of climbing, turned around and came back. It was gone 10pm before I turned round – for some reason I thought it would be good to be in bed by midnight…
I lost count of the number of potholes I hit at speed last night. The almost-constant horizontal rain in my face made it quite difficult to spot them in time. Perhaps I should report them all to the council on that “report a pothole” website thing but I’d be at it for ages. I can’t be arsed, in other words.

3 thoughts on “soaked again

  1. I keep thinking that but there are so many now I might as well just report the whole area! I tend to ride the same routes at night so I don’t get swallowed up by a pothole – being so little you see!

  2. Give up the cycling and concentrate on the rowing – you need to increase the mileage anyway!

  3. you’re right about the rowing – I’m cracking on with it. My target is to break the 20 mile barrier before Christmas 😉

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