oh yeh….THAT.

A mad dash over to Darwen on the moutain bike last night, met up with Simon and John and we rode our bikes not for training, not racing, no other reason other than fun. Just riding a bike for a laugh. Through mud, down steps, up steps (that’s not much fun), though a farmyard where allegedly they had shooters….


It’s all too easy to allow yourself to forget why you started riding bikes offroad in the first place. Riding on your own through the winter can make you focus on what you think are the “right” things but maybe you’re missing the point.  Sometimes sharing the ride with your mates is refreshing like that; just a reminder of how ace bikes are (and in my case, how crap you are at riding down steps – good job I don’t live in Calderdale any more).

I rode back, arrived home 4 hours later and I hadn’t been rained on.

Anyway, I went for a run after work today. My 10k time’s coming down. Got chased by the barky dog. My dog barked back. Business as usual.