soaked again

40-odd miles last night on the road. I headed north towards Rawtenstall and then towards Burnley just to ensure plenty of climbing, turned around and came back. It was gone 10pm before I turned round – for some reason I thought it would be good to be in bed by midnight…
I lost count of the number of potholes I hit at speed last night. The almost-constant horizontal rain in my face made it quite difficult to spot them in time. Perhaps I should report them all to the council on that “report a pothole” website thing but I’d be at it for ages. I can’t be arsed, in other words.


I’ve set up a Just Giving page so I can collect sponsorship for the CLIC24 race in May. I’ve also managed somehow to put a button over there on the left <—-

I need a minimum amount in order to race so feel free to throw cash at me.

It’s been a few years since I did CLIC – it was my first 24 hour solo and I remember arriving in a storm the night before the race and staying up all night, holding my tent down. I did it completely solo as well, like a blithering idiot. Great race though – the course is a humdinger. I managed 13 laps before collapsing in a heap, then driving home from Somerset (praise the lord for Red Bull).


The Iditarod Trail Invitational race started yesterday. I’ve been following John “Shaggy” Ross’ preparation for this on his blog for a while now, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he gets on (hopefully his -40-rated sleeping bag will work as it should!).

Even though I don’t know him – GO SHAGGY!