A very very nice man

there’s been some big changes at work recently, resulting in me being out and about a lot more playing with ‘puters mainly. It’s exciting really, learning all the stuff I’ve been missing in the last few years and realising I’ve not forgot much of the old stuff after all….

Anyway, I was playing with the ‘puters at Hope the other day. I was simultaneously having problems with a Pro 2 hub whereby I couldn’t get the freehub off to replace the bearings and fettle it (it wasn’t LOUD any more, y’see). I asked if someone could take a look at it whilst I was there (it was miraculously in the boot of the car) and sure enough, Alan got one of his guys to deal with it while I was beavering away in the server room.

Anyway, it’s as good as new now. Freehub seizure problem cured, All the bearings, the ones in the main hub body as well as the freehub, all replaced, everything cleaned, greased and no doubt given a big, loving kiss as well. All for nowt. Alan at Hope – a very nice man. Buy their stuff. It rocks.

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