return to Lee Quarry

I rode over to Lee Quarry last night, partly to meet up with Andy, partly to see what all the fuss is about the new bits of trail that have recently been completed. After the usual car-dodging near Rochdale and the big climb over Rooley Moor Road following the MTL into Waterfoot, I arrived at the quarry at about 9:30. I assumed Andy had been and gone, but thought I’m here now anyway so I might as well do a quick lap.

The new sections are superb, although some of it does seem a bit “unfinished”. Perhaps it just needs to bed in, or something. The best bit was a sequence of large, steep, downhill bermed turns. Quite tricky the first time around in the dark as despite the lighting wattage on the bars and my helmet it is quite difficult to see what’s coming next. As a result I kind of minced along even more than I do normally.

I finally met up with Andy at the end. He’d just finished bodging his rear mech as he’d crashed and bent it. “Ah fookin shite mesel” he said, recounting the horrible moment when he almost tumbled down the cliff.

We then rode back home along the road at a silly pace in order to get back before the rain started. I failed and got soaked again.

That quarry is dead good now though. The “ride over, lap and then ride back” is definitely one of my weekly routes from now on.

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