I didn’t fancy getting out of bed this morning, least of all to do a training ride when rain was a certainty. Anyhow, I did get up and to ‘celebrate’ yesterday’s ressurection of the cycloross bike I planned a route with a good mix of hills, tarmac and bridleways. Unfortunately the brakes were utter crap throughout the ride,  that’s the last time I buy cheap pads.

I was at the foot of the ‘San Marino’ climb up Winter Hill when the rain finally arrived. I pressed on and continued to climb to the top of the hill, further and further into a cloud. No views from the top today then..! After a quick natter to a mountain biker who was crossing the stile at the top I continued down the other side of the hill (past the mast where the new fences have had holes cut in them!) into Horwich. By this time I was completely soaked but it wasn’t cold, just a bit squelchy.

Looks like the bad weather is set in for the rest of this week at least. It’s like 2008 all. over. again.