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I’ve been taking things very easy this week since a couple of hard training sessions last weekend in preparation for the 3 Peaks on Sunday. Usually tapering does my head right in, but this time for some reason I’ve been really enjoying having the evenings to sit down and relax, no pressure to get out for a ride either late at night or really early in the morning. I’ve started to feel like a normal, everyday Joe in fact.

The madness will return soon enough though – I need to keep my eye on the fact that I’m planning to ‘enjoy’ a full cyclocross season this winter, I’m racing in the pairs category of Dusk Til Dawn the weekend after next and I’m also hell-bent on racing solo in January’s Strathpuffer.

Back to the 3 Peaks though – it’s clear that whilst I’m perhaps more prepared than I was last time in that I now know what to expect, I’m not completely happy with my ability to scale steep slopes on foot whilst carrying a bike and it’s also clear that at least 2 friends, one of which is taking part for the first time, will more than likely display their natural talent on these sections as they have done in training. You’ve either got it or you haven’t.

The weather looks like it’s going to stay dry as it was last year. I can’t imagine how horrible a WET 3 Peaks must be. I’m sure Mr H will be along soon to share an anecdote though…!

I will be (hopefully, customs permitting) riding a NEW BIKE on Sunday. The new Ragley Cyclocross bike will arrive sometime this week in all it’s chocolate brown glory. Watch this space for world-exclusive build pics 😉 Assuming of course I can get mine built faster than Twinklydave builds his. Everything’s a race! I am (as I’m sure Dave is) really looking forward to racing on the new bikes in muddy fields this winter.

12 thoughts on “3 Peaks cyclocross weatherwatch/bikewatch/fitnesswatch

  1. Great to see some tapering going on. I’m last minute cramming. I never learn.

    Wet three peaks are pretty much the same just harder on the hoi polloi who ride one bike 😉 and run out of brake blocks. It’s more miserable for the spectators and helpers though, so I always like it dry for that reason alone.

    Brown’s a good idea. With white bar tape, naturally.

  2. yeah
    the winter races will be awesome. we will kick ass (or fall over in a breathless heap trying)

    don’t forget though – the REAL 3 peaks challenge is “first one back buys the beers”

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