feeling knackered

I think this is what’s called a ‘late season lull’ or something. I’ve been feeling tired for a few weeks now, not the kind of ‘oooh, I feel like an early night’ tired, more like a ‘I can’t really be bothered and I don’t think I’m quite able to go out for a run or a hard training ride today’ tired.

It’s been a great year so far, so I’m definitely not complaining but since the summer 24 hour races I’ve definitely started to fizzle out a bit.

I’m at Dusk Till Dawn this weekend, I’m really looking forward to racing for 12 hours in a pair with Simon cos I know we’ll have a good laugh and we’ll even give it our best shot whilst we’re there. After that, I’m having some rest. No training, just riding bikes occasionally for fun, enjoying the local trails and the changing season, maybe a leg massage or two, eat nice ‘real’ food…for a couple of weeks anyway. At the same time, I’ll make it to a few local ‘cross races to make sure I don’t forget what racing feels like and then get my arse back into gear in preparation for the Strathpuffer in January…

This ‘getting my arse back into gear’ will no doubt involve a return to some proper big rides, some short rides too (following the advice of someone who knows better than I)….but mainly big rides 😉