that was 2009 then

I didn’t really set any goals as such at the start of 2009 apart from better placings in a couple of key races and a more disciplined approach to training. I achieved both of these – 2nd place at CLIC, 5th at Mayhem and a 3rd place at Sleepless in the Saddle were all way better than I was expecting plus my approach to preparing for these races, whilst not perfect, was a big improvement over the previous year. If I can continue to improve in 2010 I’ll be very happy indeed – the plans for the year are taking shape already with the imminent Strathpuffer, the UK 24 Hour Solo Championship, the Kielder 100, Mountain Mayhem again, the 3 Peaks and hopefully another trip to Dusk Til Dawn as a solo competitor.

I’d not set a mileage target or 2009 as I’d never logged mileage before so I didn’t know what was realistic, nor do I think it’s that relevant anyway (quality not quantity innit).  2009’s cyling mileage ended up at 5338, which isn’t bad for a full-time employed married father of three who does most of his cycling in the dark – if I can ride more than that in 2010 then that would be nice but I’m reluctant to put loads of emphasis on it.

Other cycling highlights of 2009 are the support from Brant and Ragley – I’m really fortunate to have this kind of support that gives me the opportunity to ride some great bikes and also to help in a small way with the development of future production bikes. The Team Ragley Daft Rides have been utterly ace too – Me and Dave have been exploring the boundaries of what’s possible in a day’s riding and as it turns out, it’s rather a lot. The Pennine Bridleway and the MTL in a day, the frankly terrifying Cumbrian/Dales monster route and the Pendle cyclocross ride were all enormous rides that whilst were brilliant training for 24 hour races, we only really do them because they’re such an enjoyable challenge. The Daft Ride awesomeness level goes up to 11 in 2010 😉

We’re going to have another great Hit the North sprint race in February followed by another big endurance race in the summer. The ‘Sprinter’ race last February was a great success and whilst it was much smaller than the 12 hour race of the previous summer, those taking part seemed to enjoy it a lot more. Maybe the weather played a part….

Anyway, Happy New Year!

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