Strathpuffer weatherwatch

The original plan involving Debbie and the girls travelling up to the Strathpuffer with me and us taking the caravan has been abandoned due to the probable state of the roads next week and the crazy low temperatures. Oh, and the fact that I don’t think I could get the caravan off the drive anyway at the moment.

So…I’m relying on others for support during the race – Budge and Phil are racing as a pair so they’ll be able to help out plus I’m going to doss in their campervan the night before the race…

…if the race goes ahead that is. Decision time fo the organisers is on Monday. It’s an extreme race anyway, so I reckon it will go ahead as planned but we shall see. I’m spending this weekend preparing and doing some last minute training anyway.

Yesterday’s final big ride before the ‘puffer was a slightly extended regular offroad loop that would normally take me three and a half hours. Due to the snow drifts on the moors it took me more like 5. It was great fun though (in a painful kind of way) – really deep snow is pretty much unrideable but the harder packed stuff is utterly brilliant on 2.4″ wide tyres at low pressure.