scared of missing out

I’ve just entered my 4th 24 hour solo race of 2010. I’d never intended to race at Sleepless in the Saddle this year, despite my podium finish last time, but in light of the recent sponsorship activity (I’ve got loads of new stuff to try out in other words) and the fact that the rest of Team JMC Ragley (Twinklydave and our awesome Man With The Spanners, Wayne) are going, it’d be rude not to.

It’s in 2 weeks time so not much time to prepare but conversely not much time to get worried about it either. I’ll see how it goes and decide early in the race if I’m going to treat it as a training exercise for the Kielder 100 or whether to put the hammer down and try to get a decent result.

Before that me and Dave are attempting the Trans Cambrian trail again. Hopefully this time we’ll go the right way and as an added bonus motivating factor, there is a record to try and beat. We’d have done just that last time if we hadn’t ended up in Aberystwyth :-/

I’d better get some really long rides in and quick…