blink and you’ll miss it

That was a nice rest. Ahhh. just what I needed. Almost 2 weeks since Relentless 24; in that time I’ve ridden bikes for all of about 4 hours, I’ve been running just the once, I’ve been to the pub and got quite revoltingly drunk, had a 3-times-over-the-speed limit ride in a taxi, eaten chips, curry and quite a lot of cake. I’ve been replacing burnt calories in the quickest way possible and gradually the feeling of hunger that has occupied my waking thoughts for the last few months has diminished.  No doubt my hormones are more balanced and normal now or something so I can face a winter of base training, making a tit of myself at cyclocross races and maybe a very hard 24 hour race way up north in good shape and in the right frame of mind for starting to build for next summer….

…and in my head I have a plan for next summer. A proper one, with ambitious goals and everything. But I’m not telling you what that plan is, obviously.