The Mills Hills Sportive

For obvious reasons (Hit the North, mainly), I’m a big fan of anyone who sticks their neck out and organises an event – whether that’s a bike race, a sportive, a fell race or a coffee morning; in fact anything that puts something back into a sport or our society in general to make the world a better place deserves a bloody big round of applause or a big kiss.

Emma Osenton, a Kinesis-Morvelo rider and big fan of riding her bike up and down big steep hills up the road in Hebden Bridge is doing just that. Sticking her neck out and her reputation on the line and organising something new and exciting. The Mills Hills Sportive may sound like another sportive (and it is), but the unique selling point here is the third option. And pies.

Common with most sportives, there’s a long option and a short(er) option but here there’s also a cyclocross option. That’s right, a completely separate route for people who like a bit of rough with their smooth.

All three options will include a mix of steep climbs, gritty northern grimness and amazing views. The cyclocross route will no doubt have some cobbles. And maybe a muddy moorland sheep track or two. Whichever route you choose to ride, you’ll earn yourself a free pie.

Entry costs next to nowt. It’s on the 14th October 2012. Enter here. Do it.