Team JMC – It’s not me!

It seems that lots of people who I meet (and presumably lots of people who I haven’t met) think that ‘Team JMC’ is so-called because it’s named after me. Jason Miles Cycling, or possibly Jason Miles C….with a naughty word added on the end.

It’s not. My ego may be the size of a wardrobe, but it’s hopefully not the size of an oil tanker.

Allow me to explain.

Once upon a time, there was a computer company in Manchester called JM Computing. It wasn’t called that because it was named after me either, it was named after the 2 chaps that founded it. It’s not there now. It’s been swallowed up by a much bigger computer company but the name ‘JMC’, which is derived from that, lives on.

Team JMC was started as a bit of a fun, social thing and was basically people (like me) who worked at JM Computing all spending time with each other outside work, doing stuff like white water rafting, hiking, triathlons and mountain biking.

Over time, things got more organised and for some, things got more serious. People started getting good at stuff. People who didn’t work at JM Computing joined in. ‘Ringers’ I think they’re more commonly known as.

As the months went by, the distinctive blue, white and red cycling jerseys became more common and more recognised. Mainly because they were being photographed in races up and down the country, sometimes abroad and increasingly, on the steps of podiums.

Now I’ve lost count of how many people have joined in, mainly because I’m not the guy who does the counting.

But it’s not my initials. It’s a complete coincidence that my initials and the logo on my biking jersey are the same.

For what it’s worth, If I started my own race team I’d call it Team Chicken Biryani.

So that clears that up then!

As you were….


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