Working at home

…thought I’d work from home today, cos I can. Thought I’d get loads done that I can’t in the office cos of mithering and continual brewmaking. I was right.

Plan to nip out for a blast in a bit. Might do 10 miles or so before I run out of time. Must remember the camera this time.

Ordered Michael some cool Bam Margerha (sp?) skate shoes and some jeans for me. Now that’s something to look forward to eh?


I just can’t seem to get motivated for this running thing. Every morning I wake at 7am with a basic choice. Go for run or extra hour in bed.

Got to get my arse in gear. Duathlon next month!

Planning a ride after work on the SS over at Carters Hill. I was up there a few days ago with the scissors, cutting ferns back.

No car? er…no problem. I ‘spose.

up to Ramsbottom for the start of a 30-odd miler with Phil. No car since Deb extended her maternity and she nicked mine. So an extra 20 miles there and back to the house.

Nice and dry, along the old railway and the canal, then over Bacup from Rammy. Then back along the canal and the old railway. 7 hours altogether. Felt good. The first time I felt good since Sleepless.

The old FSR is just brilliant on rides like this. Good on the arse, and fast as fook.