Llandegla again

Phil, Budge, Michael and me had an early start over at Llandegla this morning as we’d decided that Hebden Bridge in a hurricane might have been pushing our luck.

It wasn’t as scary this time around, given that the last time I was here it was dark. The car park was getting packed at around 9am with the usual mix of skinny XC-type whippets and old blokes on DH bikes with pisspot helmets. By the time we got back to the van there was no parking! That caff must be raking it in.

Here’s Michael on the surprise wooden bridge…


And me, looking nowhere near as cool and even more out of focus…


The water in the visitor’s centre is brown as it’s rainwater. Poo coloured water falls from the sky in Wales, it seems. Do the Welsh all stink of poo? Only the ones that forgot their brolly.