Macc Forest cheeky

Up to Macc Forest for my usual pre-“Grannie’s for tea” ride. The weather was pants so I deceided to do a smaller loop, but do it twice. This meant that I got to ride Charity Lane twice…this pic doesn’t really do it justice but it’s one of the most brutal downhills in the White Peak. In my opinion of course.


Then I found a mile-long section of cheeky singletrack to round the whole ride off nicely. Rooty and twisty, quite different from the rest of the riding on offer in the area.


On the way back to the car, I almost crashed head on into a BMW. The driver was a good lad though, he made a beeline for the bushes on the opposite side of the narrow road to let me past. Eeeh, if you’d seen the look on my face….

 I returned to the car some hours later with minutes of daylight left, with no feeling left in my fingers. Winter’s finally arrived.