back to the grindstone

That’s it. My 3 weeks off “taking it easy” had to end today. Well, not that easy, just the rides I’ve been doing haven’t been training rides like the ones I’ve got used to (high-mileage acts of stupidity as Deb calls them). I’ve been riding plenty but it’s been more of the “couple of hours blast” variety. I’ve still been trying to inflict pain on myself in those shorter rides though. This morning’s ride was a bit longer – a bit of a medium ride in fact. I thought I’d better get back into shape ready for the 3 Peaks in 3 weeks time (I’m not really out of shape but you’ve got to feel ready and prepare at the start of a race – know what I mean?) so I did plenty of climbing on plenty of ruff stuff and had a play with the timer on the camera:


It was dead foggy and freezing cold on’t moors this morning. Nice though – there was nobody around (nobody I saw anyway).