Three Peaks is off.

The 3 Peaks Cyclocross race is off. Bugger.

The 2007 Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross race, due to have take place on Sunday 30 September, has been cancelled due to the ongoing Foot and Mouth crisis in southern England. The Three Peaks passes through some of Yorkshire’s prime grazing lands and with thousands of sheep still on the hills, organiser John Rawnsley has taken the difficult decision to cancel the event. He made the decision following lengthy consultations which local landowners and farmers, the support of whom makes the event possible. With riders due to travel to the race from the four corners of Britain (and overseas), including Surrey, the current focal point of the crisis, the risk of spreading the disease was deemed too great to be acceptable. All the riders who have entries for the 2007 race will have their entries carried over to the 2008 event, subject their confirming their intention to ride. Further details of this process, plus information on refunds will be posted on the event website in the next few days:

John Rawnsley said: “Cancelling the event is the last thing we’d want to do, and we regret the disappointment this will cause amongst the riders who have entered. Unfortunately it’s a risk we simply can’t afford to take if the event is to maintain the local goodwill it has built up over many years. I have spoken to local landowners and tenant farmers and the consensus was that we should cancel the race. The race’s future depended on us making the right decision.”

Seems to be a decision based not on the likelihood of people spreading the disease but a need to ensure that if the disease did reappear in the Dales, the finger won’t be pointed in the direction of this race, thus ensuring its existence in years to come. Oh well. That’s this year over then in terms of racing and stuff. I’ll have to do a big ride on that day to make up for it. Maybe the Pennine Bridleway again…hmmm..