Mojo’s well and truly back

…which is good news. A bit of a hectic week, but I’ve managed to fit in a few rides. One of them I met up with Phil who was commuting home at 8:30pm. God knows why he’s working 12 hour days and riding to and from work, but he is. I’ve warned him that death awaits overworked stressed out engineers but he’s not having it. I diverted him from his usual commute route anyway and made him REALLY late home. 

Today’s ride was a peach. Today should have been the 3 Peaks so in honour of the race that’s not to be, I met up with Simon and Russ and we rode our cyclocross bikes over the moors and hills. I’ve not much of an idea of where we ended up, but I do know that after the rendezvous at Entwistle we went towards Rivvy/Great Hill and I think I saw a sign for “Abbey” something or other. We had a great time and even found time for cake and tea at a caff. I’m not sure how far I rode today (it’s 24 miles to and from Entwistle from Prestwich for starters) but I do know (and my legs are reminding me) that it was over 6 hours of hard and fast riding.