crash and you die

Had a “three hour ride” that to Deb’s dismay took 4 hours this morning. I knew it was a big one, seems I was right. The weather at the moment is fantastic. No wind, loads of sun. What’s going on? Its the end of the world, I’m tellin yer.

The last part came down Rooley Moor road, which I normally climb. WOOP! I’m doing that again, in the dark preferably. Miles of bonkers fast gravelly riding. Shame it ended in the scabby Rochdale council estate.

Saw Dave and his mate coming down Gin Croft Lane. Hi Dave!

Had a chat with Shaun at Cooksons yesterday. He’s building a wheel for me this week so I was congratulating him on his second place at Sleepless in the solo cat. One 10 minute chat and I’m already thinking about a solo or two next year….

2 thoughts on “crash and you die

  1. You know I would if I could. The new baby will mean I’ll probably not be in the best shape for that when the time comes. Stuff in the spring is more realistic.

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