I know a lot of pretty hardcore people. In fact, I’m surrounded by them. My “social network” consists mainly of hard folk who regularly do Hard Things. The London Marathon. The Bob Graham. 24 hour solo bike racing. Three Peaks Cyclocross. The Grand Raid. Triathlons. Big hill running in Canada. Days-long expeditions in freezing weather. Races such as these are regular subjects of conversation on training rides, email and Internet forums. All tough undertakings, all with a capital “T”.

Debbie gave birth this evening to Eleanor. Not only did she manage this feat in less time than it takes to roast a medium sized chicken, she did it with only the relief of an almost-empty-N02 cylinder. We found out after the birth that the gas and air was pretty much just “air” and the pain relief offered was almost nil, due to the lack of nitrous oxide. Even though I almost passed out at one point, I can’t begin to imagine what she’s just been through. Hardship just seems to wash over her.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is as nails hard as my missus.