“Where it hurts”


I went for a ride earlier and got some photos for the Hit the North race graphics (ads, posters, t shirts). Warren’s got some pretty “out there” ideas for the designs so we’ll see what pops out. The viaduct in the picture above is one of the major landmarks on the course, so I guess it makes sense that it features in the logo somewhere. Warren’s probably going to transplant it onto a martian landscape with teddybears cycling across it though.


I’ve got enough spare bits and pieces in the cellar to build a WHOLE BIKE. So that’s what I’m going to do. Build a winter mud-plugger. I’ve only got the parts available to run it singlespeed with a 36:16 ratio so it’s either going to make me superhuman or kill me. Anyway, watch this space (but don’t get too excited).

Watch this space for more news on the race too – it’s all gathering pace now. Soon, the world will know of this race. 😉