I collected the trailer this morning from Sideways Cycles. I’d never been over to Sideways before. It’s got to be the smallest bike shop ever, it might even be the smallest in the world. I also noticed that all the bikes appeared to be muddy, like they were in someone’s shed. The bikes in my cellar, in contrast, look like they’re in a shop. Anyroad up, we got back home with the trailer, put it together and hitched it onto the Surly. I went for a quick ride on my own first and flew down a few bumpy/rocky/rooty bits to check that all is well – to be honest it’s quite easy to forget it’s there apart from the odd “tug” from behind on flat trails. It’s really stable even though it’s light and so well made too. Not bad for a second hand bit of kit. Tim and his family have obviously looked after it.


Rachael was soon strapped in and off we went (Michael’s on his bike at the side, shouting “yay’s” and “woohooo’s” the whole time). Even though her helmet kept slipping down over her eyes, she loved it. RESULT.  I was a bit worried that she’d hate it or be really scared. We rode some good stuff too and I wasn’t hanging about 😉

 We’ll go over to Llandegla soon and go round the red. Trailers are ACE.