Ramsbottom Rake hillclimb

I rode up to Rammy this morning to watch the hillclimb. On the way, I rode through a massive puddle of cow shit and spent the rest of the morning stinking like a farmyard. 😦

The Rake is a brutal hill and some of these lads were cleaning it in about 2 and a half minutes. I’ve no idea how long it takes me on a mountain bike but it’s nowhere near that. There’s a direct correlation between the strength of the facial gurn and the speed of one’s bicycle. The faster ones were pulling the daftest faces. Here are the top three extreme gurners:


Bradley Wiggins didn’t show up.

6 thoughts on “Ramsbottom Rake hillclimb

  1. Only proviso is that it doesn’t clash with the FRA relays next year if I manage to scrape into the Vets team…

  2. I’ll come and watch.

    I can do the rake at a fair pace (for me anyway) but it less than dignified and usually involves circling around near the church entrance a couple of times so that i can blast past the pub car park.

    Once i was sat on the car park wall regaining my composure and some cheaky git asked if i had pushed up. I told him that if i had i wouldn’t be in this state.

  3. Managed it in 13 minutes and 27 seconds – not that we were trying to do it quickly… think i had a competitive gurn though!

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