busy out

short (to medium) ride tonight on the SS, up to Hurst Wood, down to Outwood Park (still some tape left from the ‘cross race last weekend) and up and down some muddy stuff. There was a group of a dozen or so riders in the woods, all with mega bright and presumably very expensive lights. Presumably a bike shop marketing “try a set of lights” ride as none of them seemed to be talking or riding close together; like they were all punters who didn’t know each other in fact.

At a bridge, the leading riders had stopped and were counting the rest of them. I was in the middle of the group at this point (I even did a “on yer left” whilst overtaking one lad) and got counted! I was number 7 apparently. Obviously I explained I was a free man, and not a number….

5 thoughts on “busy out

  1. When me and Fatty were out last week we bumped into some riders from Rammy down by Little Wayoh. We started talking to ’em in a ‘we’ve been doing this for nigh on 20 years and only seen about a dozen riders in all that time and look now – here’s 6 of ye all together’ sort of way and ….. complete disinterest. Miserable feckers, apart from one of ’em on a Patriot who couldn’t believe we were on singlespeeds.

  2. Is the cyclocross track usable for the race?

    If so perhaps we could ditch some of the extended flat stuff near the tip.

  3. it’d be ideal for the race, in fact it would be be dead good. Not sure how we’d weave it onto the course though.
    It’s at the opposite end of the course, near the campsite rather than near the tip.

  4. i know, but if we could include it we could get rid of the tip section which is basically 1 mile through across a field. Also if we lost that bit it would also get rid of the section where we have 2 way trafic on the same stretch.

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