Wet road ride

30 miserable, late night miles.

Quick(ish) road ride last night. Felt pretty good for the first 45 minutes or so, I had a strong tail wind and I felt like I could easily ride at 30 mph for ever. The rain, however, was starting to get on my tits as it wasn’t about to stop, in fact it was getting heavier. I rode through Bury, up the old road towards Rochdale and rode up the Ashworth Valley climb to Cheesden. I could hardly see through my misted-up glasses, the road is unlit and there was a river running down it. Once at the top and I started to ride down to Edenfield things got worse until I couldn’t see at all with the glasses on, and was getting sprayed right in the eyes with ice and grit with them off. I held a car off all the way to the bottom of the hill though. No way he was going faster than I was 😉

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