So. This year.

Stuff I’m either definately doing or at least hoping to do in 2008:

Gran Canaria enduro 

Fred Whitton Challenge

Lakeland Loop

Cheshire Cat

Mountain Mayhem (solo? dunno. Maybe in a pair)

Sleepless in the Saddle – solo if I can get enough hours in.

3 Peaks Cyclocross

Selkirk enduro

That’s not a lot is it? Erm. Well, maybe it is quite a few. I might not get chance to do some of them due to other commitments (but I am already registered and have paid for 3 already) and I also want to get more into the running this year, starting with the Radcliffe 12 mile trail race in (shit!) 4 weeks time.

I’ve left Hit The North off the list on purpose as although I’m going to race solo I’ll more than likely be distracted by bogs, catering, security guards, making sure everyone’s happy, etc…hopefully I’ll get a couple of laps in but I’ll not be aiming for a podium spot on this one…..

I’ve got a couple of targets this year too, which is a novelty for me. I’m not going to reveal them here though 😉 Not only that, but I’ve started to keep a training diary (Gaz told me to do this 2 years ago). I’ve got to make the most of the more limited time these days so it’s riding late, early and hard.

Another Peaks road ride

48 miles

Wet, windy and grey again. Fast ride though. Best bit: flying downhill from Stalybridge to Mottram at 44mph. Worst bit: the last big climb from Whaley Bridge to Pott Shrigley. That’s a right sod, that is, especially when I had to move into the path of a tool in a Saxo to avoid the rotting carcass of a badger.

I’ve finally realised that if I really concentrate on relaxing my shoulders a bit more whilst climbing, it’s loads easier. I’m rediscovering “sitting and spinning”, in fact. “Standing and powering over the hill like a hero” has its place, but sometimes it’s just so uncivilised ;0)

Winter resistance training

Phil came over yesterday with Iona, Keira, a bike and their trailer for a ride of the HTN course (the bits without gates, for obvious reasons). Muddy, wet, cold and grey but good fun. Phil’s kids loved it, Rachael on the other hand fell asleep despite the bumpiness of the ride. These trailers are remarkably capable off-road, despite doing a good job of collecting several pounds of mud from the rear wheel – in fact it’s unlikely that the little occupants of each trailer were able to see out after half an hour or so.

A couple of stops for bananas and chocolate, more miles than we thought we’d be able to ride before the girls all started kicking off and we’re back just as it started raining.