It makes a nice change to see everything drying out. No doubt the weather will get nasty again any minute now, but a break in the constant downpours has been welcome.

I’m getting myself ready for the 12 mile trail race in 3 weeks. I ran 8 miles on Saturday and felt pretty good during and afterwards. Going for 10 miles next weekend and then backing off a bit. There’s no way on earth I’ll drag myself out of mid-table mediocrity but it’s a good way of mixing up the training so I’m happy with that.

I didn’t ride on Sunday until late afternoon. I just did an out-and back up to Peel Tower and back again on the Patriot. It’s so long since I rode this bike I’d forgotten how ponderous it is going uphill, and how fast it allows you to ride downhill.

I’ve a big road ride planned for next Sunday in the Peaks again. It looks like it might snow. L