road rash

30 miles

Road ride last night, up the Ashworth Valley climb, past Owd Betts and down into Edenfield. It was dry-ish last night but cold and REALLY windy. At a junction I hit a patch of ice or oil or something equally slippery and the back wheel just let go. Down I went, sliding along my arse on the tarmac. Luckily, the car next to me stopped because the driver was checking I was ok, rather than because she’d just run over my head.

No big damage to clothing apart from a big hole through one of my overshoes, a big bruise and some raw flesh on my bum , I had to put my front mudguard on at the side of the road and I’ve lost yet more bar tape. Thankfully I didn’t crash a minute or so earlier when I was tanking it at 35 mph+ down into Edenfield.

It was a good ride despite the crash. I made it to the top of Ashy Valley quicker than I’ve done before so something’s doing me good. I had planned a road century in the Peaks on Sunday but the much-hyped incoming snow might put paid to that plan.