Another Peaks road ride

48 miles

Wet, windy and grey again. Fast ride though. Best bit: flying downhill from Stalybridge to Mottram at 44mph. Worst bit: the last big climb from Whaley Bridge to Pott Shrigley. That’s a right sod, that is, especially when I had to move into the path of a tool in a Saxo to avoid the rotting carcass of a badger.

I’ve finally realised that if I really concentrate on relaxing my shoulders a bit more whilst climbing, it’s loads easier. I’m rediscovering “sitting and spinning”, in fact. “Standing and powering over the hill like a hero” has its place, but sometimes it’s just so uncivilised ;0)

4 thoughts on “Another Peaks road ride

  1. I *can* only do the hero one, then I descend like a cabbage (it’s the bike though, not me, honest, I’ll get a new bike and prove it 😉 )

  2. I feel for you. Since my cross season finished eight days ago I’ve hardly been able to think about cycling; the weather’s been so utterly vile that I’ve just (just and so) wanted to run; I can’t be doing with all the faff of getting kit on / off / cleaning bikes / lubing bikes. Just can’t wait for a bit of sunshine… I’m not normally a fair weather cyclist, but I’ve seriously thought about hitting the turbo trainer with no races in the near future to train for… and that’s just lunacy.

  3. the wind’s howling, it’s throwing it down, so I’m on the turbo tonight.
    Click on the Hit the North logo at the top Dave if you want something to train for…great prizes for the winner of the solo cat…;-)

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