makes a change from dust and rocks

Gaz came over for a ride this morning. He’s in the UK for a week’s break from the hell that is sunny and hot Vancouver so took the opportunity to borrow one of my bikes and ride the buff trails of north Manchester. Oh hang on….that’s not right is it. It’s as muddy as I’ve ever seen it around here at the moment, no doubt the whole of the UK is like this. It’s been raining for as long as I can remember now and I seem to be wearing out brake pads at an alarming rate, in fact I’ve just been on Ebay buying some more…Avids for the cross bike this time. Perhaps I can get a bulk discount from someone. Anyway, it was fun and it’s good to catch up with mates you’ve not seen for ages. Mike came with us and characteristically crashed, this time binning it on some tarmac and taking the skin off his elbow.

There’s an article about Hit the North in this month’s 220 Triathlon mag apparently. Shame nobody seems to sell it.